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mad professorWhy I Am Writing This Blog

I used to post solutions and proven ideas in various guitar building Facebook Groups, but they got buried in the long toilet-roll threads, no headway was made, and as I had nothing else to contribute, I left the groups. So, I decided to put them here and to link to them.

I was building a kit electric Cigar Box Guitar and Dobro and noticed that most of the electrics used piezoelectric pickups (really made for buzzers) were very mismatched, giving rise to the usual thin tinny sound.

So, I designed & built some simple, cheap electronics to fix this and other problems and to share then all, for free.

Reactions have been mixed: Some like the tinny twang and don't see the point, some were baffled (probably my poor explanation), while yet others could not / would not solder and asked me to build circuits for them, but time does not allow this. This was only neant to be money saving, fun & educational.

Having finished my two guitars and having less distortion, no piezo 'quacking' (I finally used piezo film and electrets instead of piezo disks), and more bass. If any of these ideas are of use to somebody, then I have accomplished the goal.

Recent Projects

'Normal' vs 'Treble Bleed' vs 'Loudness'

Treble Bleed

The volume controls are in practically every audio device. Simple amplifiers, TVs, and REAL Fender guitars, use logarithmic potentiometers for volume and linear ones for tone controls. Potentiometers are marked...

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DIY Cigar Box Guitar Electret Mic and Pr…

General View

DIY Cigar Box Guitar Electret Mic and Preamp AND Practice Amp Ideal for Cigar Box Guitar (CGB) Power is switched on when the guitar lead is plugged in. Low cost Minimum number of parts As...

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In-Guitar, High Impedance, Sziklai Piezo…

Piezo Preamp 11110

In-Guitar, High Impedance, Sziklai Piezo Preamp A greater than 4MΩ High Impedance audio preamp Suitable for piezo disk, piezo film or piezo rods in Cigar Box Guitars CBG Optimal impedance matching brings up...

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Positioning / Mounting Piezo Pickups on …

Piezo Bostik

Positioning / Mounting Piezo Pickups on Cigar Box Guitars Conditions Of Test Cigar Box Guitar CBG. These tests used a proper impedance-matched active preamp: this one: Sziklai Piezo Preamp,  and so the 'tinniness...

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Piezo guitar test using audio transforme…


Piezo guitar test using audio transformer. Using an LT44 is sometimes seen in scientific piezo circuits, so I put it on test. We can use an audio transformer LT44 (£4 on eBay)...

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Cigar Box Guitar - Piezo Film Sensor Fun…

Piezo Film 2

Cigar Box Guitar piezo film pick-up. Now, that looks different from a piezo disk doesnt it? NOTE. This module has two modes. One is analogue so good for sound and the other...

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