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I found that the electronics being fitted to home constructed guitars was very basic and could easily be improved. Much of the available information was contradictory and often plain wrong.

So I decided to tempt the Gods and put some projects together that will work, based on solid theory and physics.

I have been somewhat taken aback by some of the negative reactions to the designs. I suppose this could be summed up as: 'This must be wrong, we have always done it the other way, and they always sound tinny'.

Hopefully, this will grow into a useful 'go-to' resource.


My Mother was a music teacher and so I was forced to learn the violin, as I was told that a guitar was not 'proper music'. I made a (pretty bad) Stratocaster guitar copy when I was 19 and have recently re-started building instruments again, which is working out rather better. I recently made a Cigar Box Guitar and am currently building a Dobro style resonator guitar.


I did an electronic apprenticeship in Newbury, Berkshire mainly on military and scientific products whilst working my way though college and polytechnic to get my 'pieces of paper'.

I went on to work for American Microsystems Inc (silicon chips), Zilog (more silicon chips), Rockwell (communications chips), Genisyst (computers for GPs), Logitech & Mustek.

As a paying hobby, I used to write 2 regular columns a month and a 14 month build your own computer series for Electronics & Computing Monthly, most of which I designed.

For the last 15 years I have been web-coding, designing & hosting and have over 80 sites currently on-line.

For fun, I wrote much of the software for and also ran the 24/7 talk radio station Deprogrammed Radio. I also consult on other radio stations.


The Wizard



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