In-Guitar Piezo Preamp

Cigar Box Guitar Preamp

In-Guitar, High Impedance, Sziklai Piezo Preamp

A greater than 4MΩ High Impedance audio preamp

Suitable for piezo disk, piezo film or piezo rods in Cigar Box Guitars CBG

Optimal impedance matching brings up the bass, and cuts the tinniness. Period.

Others have said often, and loud, that pre-amps are unnecessary and then try to prove it to me by referring me to tinny, distorted YouTubes with almost no bass. Trust me, it is REALLY worth it!

  1. Low cost
  2. Minimal number of parts
  3. Easily available parts via Mouser, Amazon, eBay & others
  4. Basic soldering skills, ability to use a breadboard and to be able to make a suitable hole in a guitar.
  5. Uses a Sziklai Pair (compound 'super transistor') with feedback, for linearity, low distortion and high impedance.

Piezo Preamp Circuit


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